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Grants Layout

Boone County Community Foundation Grants

The Boone County Community Foundation invites charitable organizations in Boone County to apply for the following Grant Programs using one application.

Melvin & Mildred Banks Grant Program

Melvin & Mildred Banks Grant Program is a new grant for this year. The Banks farmed and ran numerous businesses in Boone County their entire lives. They have graciously funded an unrestricted fund for Boone County non-profit organizations.

Wilbur & William Cummings Grant Program

Wilbur and William Cummings were lifelong residents of Boone County. Pursuant to their interests, a grant program was established that enhances the Boone County community. The majority of the proceeds are available for the Boone County Fair Association and the Boone County Historical Society. The balance is reserved for at-large community purposes.

Grants Layout


Deadline – September 15

Projects to be completed the year following application

Purpose of Funding
To award grants for projects that enhance the quality of life in Boone County.

• Be a not-for-profit organization that carries out charitable projects or provides services in Boone County
• Operate an organization that does not violate anti-discrimination laws
• Have submitted a final report or progress report from any previous year if the organization received a grant

What we do not fund
• Fundraisers
• Deficit funding
• Scholarships

What we fund
• Health and social services
• Educational programs
• Community and neighborhood projects
• Children, youth, and family projects
• Cultural and arts-related projects

What we look for in a project
Addresses a community need
Celebrates the diversity in our community
Articulates reasonable, measurable outcomes
Outlines a specific plan for project
Encourages cooperation with other organizations
Demonstrates quality, vision, effectiveness, and good management

Final reports
• Final reports are due one month after project’s completion
• A progress report on the previous year’s grant if that project is not completed before the current grant deadline

Grant Application

• Two page maximum length, typed, and not smaller than 10 pt type
• Briefly describe history, mission, goals, and organization’s structure
• Project description
• Proposed project and its uniqueness
• Goals and plans for fulfilling the project
• Proposed measurable outcomes
• Evaluation process with any data to be gathered
• Any collaborating organizations in the project
• Alternative and other funding sources
• Plans on adapting project, based on funding

Criteria used in awarding grants
• Addresses community need, increases access for underserved people, and fosters cooperation with other organizations or agencies
• Describe plan for project clearly and outline the planning process and completion goals
• Provide a balanced budget with expenses clearly indicated and evidence of cash match, in-kind, and other funding sources
• In-kind includes any goods or services that would have been purchased
• Provide evidence of the fiscal responsibility of organization
• Provide measurable outcomes for project
• Prior grant final report submitted by deadline if the organization received funding for a previous project

Application Process

Submit original signed typewritten application and 4 copies of:

Application cover page
Proposed project budget

• Two page narrative maximum
• Required attachments – one copy only
• Proof of Non-Profit Status
• One page total budget summary for current fiscal year
• One page resume of any contracted individual and project director, if applicable
• Current list of organization’s Board of Directors
• 1-3 examples of publications, brochures, or P/R materials for organization
Mail the grant application package to:
Boone County Community Foundation
600 South State Street
Belvidere, IL 61008
For information, call 815-544-7231